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Question: Can entries include supplemental materials?

Answer: Yes, any entry can have supplemental materials as long as the required materials are there following the category instructions for the entry.

Question: Can I pay for my entry by check? 

Answer: No. Only credit cards are accepted for payment.

Question: Can entries be submitted to more than one category?

Answer: Yes, the work of a journalist or team can be entered in more than one category but will be selected as a winner in no more than one. 

Question: What does it mean when it says that organizations can submit up to three entries per category, but then there is a maximum number of pieces allowed per submission under each category?

Answer: Each entry is only allowed up to a certain number of pieces within that one entry (For example, the limit for Osborne is 5). Organizations can only submit up to three entries per category, so they can have three separate entries within that one category. Ex. If Organization A submits three entries to the Blethen category, they can submit up to 7 components for each of those entries, but can only submit three entries overall for the Blethen category. However, if there is an individual who works for Organization A who would like to self-enter in the Blethen category as well, they may, and then their entry would not count toward the organization's three-entry maximum.

Question: If I have works from prior to 2023 but they were reprinted in 2023, can I submit those?

Answer: No. Your content must have been created and published in 2023 for the 2024 Poynter Journalism Prizes. The exception is the Blethen Local Accountability category, which can include work from 2022 and 2023.

Question: What should I do if I submitted my entry to the wrong category?

Answer: If you submit an entry to the wrong category by mistake, please contact poynterprizes@poynter.org as soon as possible to ensure your entry is submitted to the proper competition.

Question: Why am I not able to checkout; it says I haven't completed my submission?

Answer: If you are submitting an entry, please make sure you have completed all three forms. The three forms are a "Contact Information" form, followed by an "Entry Information" form and then your actual "Entry Submission" form. If you do not complete all three pieces of your entry, you will not be able to submit your entry/checkout. If you are still unable to checkout, you should contact poynterprizes@poynter.org for assistance.

Question: Are international (non-US-based) news organizations eligible to enter The 2024 Poynter Journalism Prizes?

Answer: The awards are not currently open to news organizations based outside the United States.

Question: What news organizations are eligible to enter the contest?
Answer: Any United States based news organization can enter the contest. This includes print/digital, broadcast, audio and other platforms.